Over the summer my husband has taken our small front garden, and turned it into what I've termed "Tomato-Topia". We are now up to 100 pounds of tomatoes, and still going storng. Below you will find before and after photos of our Tomato Place. 

We here, at Clarington, would love to see what you have been growing this summer in your gardens. Send us your photos and stories, and our favorite will receive a $50.00 Clarington credit , and be featured on our blog. 

Let's see what you have done!  Send your entries to info@claringtonforge.com.

 Deadline September 13th 2013


Tomato-Topia at the start of the season . . .

Tomatoe-Topia at the start of the season

Harvest time for our Tomato-Topia . . . 

Ready for harvest

Helpers who will enjoy the harvest with us . . .

Harvest helpers

My helpers are using one of our English trugs to gather the harvest. We have a limited supply of trugs on hand, which you can see here.

Posted in Competitions By Robert Larson on 28th August 2013

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