Many of our customers are dedicated to achieving an organic and sustainable garden. At Clarington Forge we share this enthusiasm and are dedicated to producing tools that result in the smallest impact on our environment. There are many steps we take to ensure the production of Clarington Forge tools is as environmentally friendly as possible, but the most sustainable aspect of our product is the expectation that you are buying a tool for life.

From the sourcing of our materials to a minimal use of packaging, there are many reasons Clarington Forge is the "green" choice. Our forged tools are made in England where factories are required to meet low carbon emission standards. You will find plastic in very few of our tools; we use steel and wood almost exclusively. Our wood handles are made from German and American Ash obtained from sustainable sources and any waste from our handle production is re-used by a local farm. The process used for forging the tool heads is designed to optimize use of raw materials and all steel waste is recycled.

At Clarington Forge, we believe purchasing a tool that can be passed down to future generations is sustainability at its best.